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A passionate book in which a truth that is as surprising as it is convincing offers the reader no possibility of escape - that's what I mean: a rather fundamental revision of the character of the man behind the artist, and at the same time an urgent plea for returning again and again to the sources with old and new questions, precisely when actual reconstructions seem to be fixed forever.

Herman Pleij

Emeritus Professor of Medieval Literature at the University of Amsterdam


This book contains a wealth of information about Rembrandt's financial household and a whole new perspective on his bankruptcy. An indispensable addition to Rembrandt's story.

Lidewij de Koekoek

Director Museum Het Rembrandthuis


Machiel Bosman's book sheds surprising new light on Rembrandt's handling of financial affairs and the problems surrounding his bankruptcy. On the basis of accurate fact-checking and interpretation of all documents, Bosman argues that the current, rather negative view of Rembrandt's actions - and therefore of his character - requires thorough revision.

Eric Jan Sluijter

Emeritus Professor of Art History of the Newer Age at the University of Amsterdam


Machiel Bosman reads the traces in the archives in an exemplary manner. He does so with the eye of a detective and without the bias of many former authors.

Eric Ketelaar

Former state general archivist and emeritus professor of archival science at the University of Amsterdam


An idiosyncratic book, with new insights, based on intensive source research.

Frans Grijzenhout

Professor of Art History of the Newer Age at the University of Amsterdam


An extraordinarily important correction to Rembrandt's existing image. For the first time, all known financial, relational and legal issues that have haunted Rembrandt practically all his life are studied in conjunction. In this way, the many prejudices that are always expressed about Rembrandt are dispelled or put into perspective.

Jeroen Giltaij

Former curator of Museum Boijmans van Beuningen and author of Titus. Zoon van Rembandt


Rembrandt's plan is an important book in which Machiel Bosman shows what we can and cannot say about Rembrandt based on thorough historical research. He convincingly shows that far-reaching conclusions have been drawn without the evidence allowing it and that all kinds of firm statements about the character of the painter are in fact nothing more than unsubstantiated opinions.

Luuc Kooijmans

Author of a.o. Vriendschap en de kunst van het overleven in de zeventiende en achttiende eeuw and of Gevaarlijke kennis. Inzicht en angst in de dagen van Jan Swammerdam

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